Antique and - Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reduce Reuse Recycle

REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE or eco-friendly with soul.
Antiques and Recycling is green, environmentally friendly and helps prevent CO2 emissions.

One of the reasons why many have become more aware of recycling rather than constantly buying new, is the growing environmental concern. We are constantly reminded of climate change, which can have major consequences for our planet, yes and ourselves, if we do not start living even more environmentally friendly.
Recycling also means preserving roots for the past and its beautiful handmade things that tell about people and emotions.

When we recycle, we protect the environment, as we instead of throwing out something old, recycles the former new, old and antique.

Reuse and recycling is the beginning of a modern consumer culture. We Danes have taken this to heart in everyday life - yes most of the world has never had more focus on recycling and recycling than now. And it's not just the environment with waste sorting, waste policy, household waste, Recycling, waste treatment, but also in our recycled purchases of furniture and things.

We all have the responsibility.

If our clothes, furniture, things must be better for the climate and the environment, it is both consumers and producers, who must take action.

As we see it in Antik og Genbrug APS, it is a shared responsibility. Producers can do their part to take responsibility for the various phases of production and reduce the CO2 impact on the environment and climate.

Us consumers can demand those goods, there are more environmentally conscious, so manufacturers can see, that there is a market for it.

REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE or eco-friendly with soul – Without becoming religious, but to be a sensible recycler.